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Prevod reči: neresen

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nerešen [ pridev ]

unresolved [ pridev ]
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(Music) Characterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved; SYN. dissonant.

indeterminate [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin indeterminatus.
Of uncertain or ambiguous nature.
Not capable of being determined.
Not clearly understood or expressed; SYN. obscure, vague.
Not leading to a definite ending or result.
Not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance; SYN. undetermined, uncertain, imprecise.
(Botany) Having a capacity for continuing to grow at the apex.

irresolute [ pridev ]
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ETYM Pref. ir- not + resolute: cf. French irrésolu, Latin irresolutus not loosened.
Uncertain how to act or proceed.

open [ pridev ]
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Affording free passage or access
Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed; SYN. unfastened.
Not having been filled
Not sealed or having been unsealed; SYN. opened.
Not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought; SYN. undecided, undetermined, unresolved.
Displayed before or in view of all
Not secret
Ready for business
1Receptive to new ideas
1Relatively empty of and unobstructed by fences or hedges or headlands or shoals
1Sincere and free of reserve in expression
1Used of mouth or eyes; SYN. opened.
1Without undue constriction as from e.g. tenseness or inhibition
1Accessible to all
1Having no protecting cover or enclosure
1Lax in enforcing laws; SYN. wide-open, lawless.
1Not requiring union membership
1(Mathematics) Of a set; containing points whose neighborhood consists of other points of the same set, or being the complement of an open set; of an interval; containing neither of its end points.
ETYM as. open; akin to Dutch open, os. opan, German offan, Icel. opinn, Swed. öppen, Dan. aaben, and perh. to Eng. up. Related to Up, and Ope.

outstanding [ pridev ]
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Distinguished from others in excellence
Having a quality that thrusts itself into attention; SYN. prominent, salient, spectacular, striking.
Owed as a debt; SYN. owed, owing, undischarged.

pending [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin pendere to hang, to be suspended. Related to Pendent.
Awaiting conclusion or confirmation.

undecided [ pridev ]
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Not yet having made a commitment.

unsolved [ pridev ]
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Not solved; SYN. unresolved.

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