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1. fair-minded


Of a person; just and impartial; not prejudiced. fair minded, fairminded
Marked by impartiality and honesty; just, unprejudiced.

2. impartial


Sinonimi: fair

ETYM Pref. im- not + partial: cf. French impartial.
Showing lack of favoritism; SYN. fair.

3. neutral


Sinonimi: electroneutral

ETYM Latin neutralis, from neuter. Related to Neuter.
1. Of no distinctive quality or characteristics or type.
2. Lacking distinguishing quality or characteristics.
3. Neither moral nor immoral; neither good nor evil, right nor wrong.
4. Not supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest.
5. Lacking hue.
6. (Physics) Having no net electric charge; not electrified; SYN. electroneutral.

4. unbiased


Sinonimi: unbiassed

ETYM Pref. un- + biased.
Without bias; SYN. unbiassed.

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