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1. dicey

pridevsleng, dijalekt

Risky, unpredictable

2. diffident


Sinonimi: shy | timid | unsure

ETYM Latin diffidens, -entis, p. pr. of diffidere; dif- = dis + fidere to trust; akin to fides faith. Related to Faith, Defy.
1. Lacking self-confidence; SYN. shy, timid, unsure.
2. Showing modest reserve.
3 Overly shy or modest. Shy; modest.

3. disputable


4. dodgy

pridevsleng, dijalekt

(Informal) Uncertain; dubious.

5. doubtful


Sinonimi: dubious | dubious | dubitable | in question | tentative

1. Fraught with uncertainty or doubt; SYN. dubious.
2. Open to doubt or suspicion; SYN. dubious, dubitable, in question.
3. Unsettled in mind or opinion; SYN. tentative.

6. equivocal


ETYM Latin aequivocus: aequus equal + vox, vocis, word. Related to Equal, and Voice, Equivoque.
1. Open to question.
2. Open to two or more interpretations; or of uncertain nature or significance; or (often) intended to mislead.
3. Uncertain as a sign or indication.

7. insecure


Sinonimi: unsafe | unsafe

1. Lacking in security or safety; SYN. unsafe.
2. Lacking self-confidence or assurance
4. Not safe from attack; SYN. unsafe.

8. precarious


Sinonimi: unstable | shaky

ETYM Latin precarius obtained by begging or prayer, depending on request or on the will of another, from precari to pray, beg. Related to Pray.
1. Affording no ease or reassurance; SYN. unstable.
2. Dangerously insecure.
3. Not secure; beset with difficulties; SYN. shaky.

9. questionable


Sinonimi: refutable

ETYM See Question (n.).
1. Able to be refuted; SYN. refutable.
2. Subject to question; suspicious.

10. rampant


Sinonimi: rearing

ETYM French, p. pr. of ramper to creep. Related to Ramp.
1. Unrestrained and violent.
2. (Heraldry) Rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile; SYN. rearing.
Heraldic animal portrayed on its hind legs.
Heraldry, rearing up on hind legs; fierce; dominating; exuberant; unrestrained; rank; Architecture, having one abutment higher than other.

11. shaky


1. Shaking or trembling
2. Full of shakes or cracks; cracked; such as:
3. Easily shaken; tottering; unsound

12. slippery


Sinonimi: slippy | tricky

1. Being such as to cause things to slip or slide; SYN. slippy.
2. Not to be trusted; SYN. tricky.

13. trustless


1. Not deserving of trust; faithless
2. Distrustful

14. truthless


15. unreliable


Sinonimi: undependable

1. Lacking a sense of responsibility.
2. Not worthy of reliance or trust; SYN. undependable.

16. unsafe


17. unsound


1. Not in good condition; damaged or decayed
2. Not sound financially
3. Of e.g. advice.

18. wonky


1 British; unsteady, shaky
2 chiefly British; awry, wrong

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