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ženski rod

1. changeableness


Sinonimi: changeability

The quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; SYN. changeability.

2. changefulness


3. discongruity


4. disconvenience


5. erraticness


6. variation


Sinonimi: variance | fluctuation

ETYM Old Eng. variatioun, French variation, Latin variatio. Related to Vary.
In biology, a difference between individuals of the same species, found in any sexually reproducing population. Variations may be almost unnoticeable in some cases, obvious in others, and can concern many aspects of the organism. Typically, variation in size, behavior, biochemistry, or coloring may be found. The cause of the variation is genetic (that is, inherited), environmental, or more usually a combination of the two. The origins of variation can be traced to the recombination of the genetic material during the formation of the gametes, and, more rarely, to mutation.(dance) In ballet, a solo dance, unless otherwise designated.1. Something that deviates from a norm or from pattern.
2. An activity that varies from a norm or standard; SYN. variance.
3. An instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change; SYN. fluctuation.
4. A repetition of a musical theme in which it is modified or embellished.

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