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1. amoral


Sinonimi: unmoral

Without moral standards or principles; SYN. unmoral.

2. amoralist


Someone who adheres to the doctrine that ordinary moral distinctions are invalid.

3. bad


Sinonimi: immoral | tough | sorry | big | forged | unfit | unsound | defective | insecure | risky | high-risk | speculative | uncollectible | spoiled | spoilt

1. Characterized by wickedness or immorality; SYN. immoral.
2. Having undesirable or negative qualities
3. Capable of harming
4. Feeling physical discomfort or pain; ('tough' is occasionally used colloquially for 'bad' as in); SYN. tough.
5. Below average in quality or performance
6. Keenly sorry or regretful; SYN. sorry.
7. Very intense; SYN. big.
8. Reproduced fraudulently; SYN. forged.
9. Physically unsound or diseased; SYN. unfit, unsound.
10. Not working properly; SYN. defective.
11. Not financially safe or secure; SYN. insecure, risky, high-risk, speculative.
12. Not capable of being collected; SYN. uncollectible.
13. (Of foodstuffs) Not in an edible or usable condition; SYN. spoiled, spoilt.
14. (Linguistics; informal) Incorrect; not conforming to standard usage

4. bawdy


Sinonimi: off-color | ribald

Humorously vulgar; SYN. off-color, ribald.

5. immoral


ETYM Pref. im- not + moral: cf. French immoral.
1. Morally unprincipled.
2. Violating principles of right and wrong.

6. outrageous


ETYM Old Fren. outrageus, French outrageux. Related to Outrage.
1. Of the nature of an outrage; exceeding the limits of right, reason, or decency.
2. Going beyond all standards of what is right or decent.
3. Deficient in propriety or good taste.

7. ruthless


Having no pity; cruel.

8. virtueless


9. wanton


ETYM Old Eng. wantoun, contr. from wantowen; pref. wan- wanting, hence expressing negation + towen, p. p., AS. togen, p. p. of teón to draw, to educate, bring up; hence, properly, ill bred. Related to Tug.
Lewd, lascivious or immoral.

10. wicked


ETYM Old Eng. wicked, from wicke wicked; probably originally the same word as wicche wizard, witch. Related to Witch.
Morally bad in principle or practice.

11. wrong


ETYM Old Eng. wrong, wrang, a. and n, as. wrang.; originally, awry, wrung, from wringan to wring; akin to Dutch wrang bitter, Dan. vrang wrong, Swed. vrang, Icel. rangr awry, wrong. Related to Wring.
1. Based on or acting or judging in error.
2. Contrary to conscience or morality or law.
3. Not in accord with established usage or procedure.
4. Used of the side of cloth or clothing intended to face inward.

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