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1. celestial


Sinonimi: ethereal | supernal | heavenly | heavenly

ETYM Old Fren. celestial, celestied, from Latin caelestic, from caelum heaved. Related to Cell.
1. Of heaven or the spirit; SYN. ethereal, supernal.
2. Of or relating to the sky; SYN. heavenly.
3. Relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven; SYN. heavenly.

2. empyreal


Sinonimi: empyrean | sublime

ETYM Latin empyrius, empyreus, fiery, Greek, in fire, fiery; en in + pyros fire. Related to In, and Fire.
Inspiring awe; SYN. empyrean, sublime.
Of or relating to heaven; sublime; skyward.

3. empyrean


Sinonimi: empyreal

Of or relating to the sky or heavens; SYN. empyreal.

4. heavenly


Of or pertaining to heaven, celestial, divine; of or pertaining to the sky; having a beauty which is not of the earth; wonderful, sublime
ETYM AS. heofonic.
Of or belonging to heaven or god.

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