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Prevod reči: naslediti

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naslediti [ glagol ]

bequeath [ glagol ]
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To leave or give by will; SYN. will, leave.

come into [ glagol ]
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To join with; to take part in; to agree to; to comply with.
To inherit or otherwise take possession unexpectedly of a large sum.

devolve [ glagol ]
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To pass on or delegate to another.

inherit [ glagol ]
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To acquire the characteristics of another class, in object-oriented programming. The inherited characteristics may be enhanced, restricted, or modified. See also class.
To obtain through, or as if through, inheritance; SYN. come into.

succeed [ glagol ]
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To attain success or reach a goal; SYN. come through.
To be the successor of; SYN. come after, follow.

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