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Prgav, plahovit.

1. boisterous


Sinonimi: knockabout | rambunctious | robustious | rumbustious | unruly | fierce | rough

ETYM Old Eng. boistous; of uncertain origin; cf. W. bwyst wild, savage, wildness, ferocity, bwystus ferocious.
1. Full of rough and exuberant animal spirits; SYN. knockabout.
2. Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline; SYN. rambunctious, robustious, rumbustious, unruly.
3. Violently agitated and turbulent; SYN. fierce, rough.

2. cross


1. Lying across or athwart; moving across
2. Running counter; opposite; mutually opposed
3. Involving mutual interchange; reciprocal
4. Marked by typically transitory bad temper
5. Extending over or treating several groups, conditions, or classes
6. Crossbred, hybrid

3. headlong


Rash; precipitate.

4. irascible


ETYM Latin irascibilis, from irasci to be angry, ira anger: cf. French irascible. Related to Ire.
Prone to anger; easily provoked or inflamed to anger.

5. spicy


1. Flavored with, or containing, spice or spices; fragrant; aromatic
2. Filled with, spices; hot to the taste.
3. Piquant; racy

6. testy


Fretful; peevish; easily irritated.

7. waspish


1. Resembling a wasp in form; having a slender waist, like a wasp.
2. Quick to resent a trifling affront; characterized by snappishness; irritable; irascible; petulant; snappish.

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