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napor [ muški rod ]


arduousness [ imenica ]
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Extreme effortfulness; SYN. strenuousness.

conatus [ imenica ]
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a natural impulse or tendency

devoir [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Latin debere to owe. Related to Due.
(French) duty; best of which one is capable pl. respects; attentions; courtesy.
Formal expression of respect.
What is due; duty.

difficultness [ imenica ]
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dint [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. dint, dent, dunt, a blow, as. dynt; akin to Icel. dyntr a dint, dynta to dint, and perh. to Latin fendere (in composition). Related to Dent, Defend.
Interchangeable with 'means' in the expression 'by dint of'.
1 archaic; Blow, stroke.
Force, power.

distressfulness [ imenica ]
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effort [ imenica ]
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ETYM French effort, Old Fren. esfort, for esfors, esforz, from esforcier. Related to Efforce.
Use of physical or mental energy; hard work; SYN. elbow grease, exertion, travail, sweat.

elbow grease [ imenica ]
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Vigorously applied physical labor; hard work. SYN. elbow-grease

endeavour [ imenica ]
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Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for endeavor.

labour [ imenica ]
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Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for labor.

spurt [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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ETYM Cf. Icel. sprette a spurt, spring, run, spretta to sprit, spring.
A sudden and energetic effort; an increased exertion for a brief duration.

strain [ imenica ]
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An intense or violent exertion; SYN. straining, stress.
Injury to a muscle (often caused by overuse); results in swelling and pain.
(Physics) Deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces.
Nervousness resulting from mental stress; SYN. mental strain, nervous strain.
The ratio of the change in length to the initial unstressed reference length.
In the science of materials, the extent to which a body is distorted when a deforming force (stress) is applied to it. It is a ratio of the extension or compression of that body (its length, area, or volume) to its original dimensions (see Hooke's law. For example, linear strain is the ratio of the change in length of a body to its original length.

stretch [ imenica ]
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The capacity for being stretched; SYN. stretchiness, stretchability.
Extension to or beyond the ordinary limit
An unbroken period of time during which one does something; SYN. stint.
A large and unbroken expanse or distance
(Racing) A straight section of a racetrack.
Exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent; SYN. stretching.

sweat [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Old Eng. swot, as. swât. Related to Sweat.
Condensation of moisture on a cold surface.
Agitation resulting from active worry
Salty fluid secreted by sweat glands
Use of physical or mental energy; hard work

tax [ imenica ]
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ETYM French taxe, from taxer to tax, Latin taxare to touch, sharply, to feel, handle, to censure, value, estimate, from tangere, tactum, to touch. Related to Tangent, Task, Taste.
(Homonym: tacks).
Charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government; SYN. taxation, revenue enhancement.

trouble [ imenica ]
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ETYM French trouble, Old Fren. troble, truble. Related to Trouble.
A source of difficulty; SYN. problem.
A state of adversity (danger or affliction or need); SYN. ill, distress.
An effort that is inconvenient; SYN. difficulty.
An event causing distress or pain.
An unwanted pregnancy.

endeavor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Written also endeavour.
(Alternate spelling: endeavour).

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