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nalepnica [ ženski rod ]


decal [ imenica ]
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A design fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design to be transferred to the surface; SYN. decalcomania.
The art of transfering designs from specially prepared paper to a wood or glass or metal surface; SYN. decalcomania.

etiquette [ imenica ]
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ETYM French prop., a little piece of paper, or a mark or title, affixed to a bag or bundle, expressing its contents, a label, ticket, Old Fren. estiquete, of German origin; cf. LG. stikke peg, pin, tack, stikken to stick, German stecken. Related to Stick, Ticket.
Rules governing socially acceptable behavior.
See netiquette.

label [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. label sort of ribbon or fringe, label in heraldry, French lambeau shred, strip, rag.
A brief description given for purposes of identification.
A radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction.
An identifying or descriptive marker; SYN. gummed label, sticker.

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