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1. corrugate


To fold into ridges.

2. crape


Sinonimi: crepe

To cover with crape; SYN. crepe.

3. crimp


Sinonimi: crape | frizzle | frizz | kink up | kink | pinch

1. To curl tightly, of hair; SYN. crape, frizzle, frizz, kink up, kink.
2. To make ridges into by pinching together; SYN. pinch.

4. crumple


To draw or press into wrinkles or folds to crush together; to rumple.

5. purse


Sinonimi: wrinkle

ETYM Obs. and r.
1. To contract one's lips into a rounded shape.
2. To gather or contract into wrinkles or folds; pucker; SYN. wrinkle.

6. quill


1. To pierce with quills.
2. To wind (thread or yarn) on a quill.
3. To make a series of small rounded ridges in (cloth).

7. ruffle


Sinonimi: ruffle up | rumple | mess up | fluff | pleat

ETYM Perhaps of different origin from ruffle to wrinkle; cf. od. roffeln, roffen, to pander, lg. raffein, Dan. ruffer a pimp. Related to Rufflan.
1. To disturb the smoothness of; SYN. ruffle up, rumple, mess up.
2. To erect or fluff up; SYN. fluff.
3. To pleat or gather into a ruffle; SYN. pleat.
4. To trouble or vex.

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