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muški rod

Pokretač, pokretna sila, pokretalo; pogonski mehanizam kod mašina (pokretan snagom vode, vetra, pare, gasa, benzina ili elektriciteta); motocikl. (lat.)

1. engine


ETYM French engin skill, machine, engine, Latin ingenium natural capacity, invention; in in + the root of gignere to produce. Related to Genius, Ingenious, Gin a snare.
1. Converts thermal energy to mechanical work.
2. Something used to achieve a purpose.
Device for converting stored energy into useful work or movement. Most engines use a fuel as their energy store. The fuel is burned to produce heat energy—hence the name “heat engine”—which is then converted into movement. Heat engines can be classified according to the fuel they use (gasoline engine or diesel engine), or according to whether the fuel is burned inside (internal combustion engine) or outside (steam engine) the engine, or according to whether they produce a reciprocating or rotary motion (turbine or Wankel engine).

2. motor


ETYM Latin motorius that has motion. Related to Motor.
Converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion.
Anything that produces or imparts motion; a machine that provides mechanical power, particularly an electric motor. Machines that burn fuel (gasoline, diesel) are usually called engines, but the internal-combustion engine that propels vehicles has long been called a motor, hence “motoring” and “automobile” were used as early automotive terms. Actually the motor is a part of the automobile engine.
Involving or relating to movements of the muscles.

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