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muški rodhemija

Najsitniji delić jednog tela koji još zadržava sva svojstva svoje prvobitne celine; svako telo sastoji se od molekula, a svaki molekul iz atoma; težina molekula ili molekulska težina jednaka je sa zbirom težina atoma koji su u njemu sjedinjeni; molekulske sile, molekularne sile, privlačne i odbojne sile molekula; fig. veoma mali deo, delić.

1. molecule


ETYM Dim. from Latin moles a mass: cf. French molécule. Related to Mole.
(Physics and chemistry) The simplest structural unit of an element or compound.
A group of atoms that are bound together by primary interatomic bonds.
Group of two or more atoms bonded together. A molecule of an element consists of one or more like atoms; a molecule of a compound consists of two or more different atoms bonded together. Molecules vary in size and complexity from the hydrogen molecule (H2) to the large macromolecules of proteins. They are held together by ionic bonds, in which the atoms gain or lose electrons to form ions, or by covalent bonds, where electrons from each atom are shared in a new molecular orbital.
The symbolic representation of a molecule is known as its formula. The presence of more than one atom is denoted by a subscript figure—for example, one molecule of the compound water, having two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, is shown as H2O.

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