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metro [ muški rod {železnica} ]

Gradska podzemna ili nadzemna električna železnica. (fr.)

underground railway [ imenica ]
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subway [ imenica {železnica} ]
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An underground train, especially common such large cities.
An underground way or gallery; especially, a passage under a street.
Or, in uk, underground; Rail service that runs underground. The first underground line in the world was in London. Opened 186it was essentially a roofed-in trench. The London Underground is still the longest, with over 2mi/4km of routes. Many major cities throughout the world have extensive systems; New York's subway system and Moscow's each handle millions of passengers a day.

underground [ imenica ]
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A secret group organized to overthrow a government or occupation force; SYN. resistance.

metro [ imenica {železnica} ]
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An electric underground railway; SYN. subway, tube, underground.

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