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1. local


ETYM Latin localis, from locus place: cf. French local. Related to Lieu, Locus.
1. Relating to applicable to or concerned with a city or town or district rather than a larger area.
2. Of or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality.
3. Having subordinate authority or serving the needs of a limited district.
4. Making all stops on its run.
5. Having a definite spatial form and location.
6. (Medicine) Affecting only a restricted part or area of the body.

2. native


Sinonimi: aboriginal

ETYM French natif, Latin nativus, from nasci, p. p. natus. Related to Nation, Naďve, Nelf a serf.
1. As found in nature in the elemental form.
2. Being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning; SYN. aboriginal.
3. Being such by origin.
4. Belonging to one by birth.

3. regional


1. Characteristic of a region
2. Related or limited to a particular region

4. stationary


ETYM Latin stationarius: cf. French stationnaire. Related to Stationer.
(Homonym: stationery).
1. Not capable of being moved.
2. Standing still.

5. topical


ETYM Cf. French topique, Late Lat. topicus, Greek topos. Related to Topic.
1. Of or relating to or arranged by topics.
2. Of interest at the present time.
3. (Medicine) Applied to a specific part of the body.

6. vernacular


Native; common; everyday; local.

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