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Prevod reči: meriti

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meriti [ glagol ]


bemete [ glagol ]
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measure [ glagol ]
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To determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of; SYN. measure out.
To have certain dimensions.
To place a value on; judge the worth of something; SYN. evaluate, assess, appraise, value.

mete [ glagol ]
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(Archaic) To deliver; to hand down.
(Homonym: meat).

plumb [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: plum).
To adjust with a plumb line so as to make vertical.
To measure the depth of something.
To weight with lead.

scale [ glagol ]
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ETYM Cf. Italian scalare, from Latin scalae, scala. Related to Scale a ladder.
To reach the highest point of; SYN. surmount.
To climb up by means of a ladder.
To take by attacking with scaling ladders.
To measure by or as if by a scale.
To measure with or as if with scales.
To pattern, make, regulate, set, measure, or estimate according to some rate or standard.
To size or measure according to a scale.
To remove the scales from; SYN. descale.

weigh [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: way, whey).
To determine the weight of.
To have a certain weight.
To be oppressive or burdensome; SYN. press.

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