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ženski rod

Papir koji garantuje isplatu novca.

1. bank draft


Sinonimi: banker's draft

A draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank; SYN. banker's draft.

2. bill


1. An itemized account of the separate cost of goods sold, services performed, or work done; invoice; an amount expended or owed; a statement of charges for food or drink; check
2. A written or printed advertisement posted or otherwise distributed to announce an event of interest to the public; especially; an announcement of a theatrical entertainment; a programmed presentation (as a motion picture, play, or concert)

3. bill of exchange


Or bank draft; A written order in which a drawer orders a drawee to pay a specified sum to a payee. For example, a check is a bill of exchange drawn on a bank or banker. Once signed and endorsed, it becomes negotiable and can be discounted (sold for cash before the maturity date under face value) at current short-term interest rates.
In the US, major corporations make use of short-term “paper” to meet general financial obligations as well as foreign trade transactions.

4. bond


Sinonimi: bond paper | bond certificate

1. A superior quality of strong durable white writing paper; originally made for printing documents; SYN. bond paper.
2. An interest-bearing (or discounted) certificate of debt issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; SYN. bond certificate.

5. change


The balance of money received when the amount one tenders is greater than the amount due.
Coins of small denomination regarded collectively.

6. draft


Sinonimi: bill of exchange | order of payment

A document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another; SYN. bill of exchange, order of payment.

7. letter of exchange


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