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ženski rod

1. Širok, dugačak plašt; sveštenička haljina; reverenda;
2. Kod mekušaca: kožni nabor na leđnoj strani od kojeg se gradi školjka za zaštitu tela (grč.)

1. cassock


ETYM French casaque, from Italian casacca, perh. from Latin casa cottage, in Italian, house; or of Slavic origin.
An ankle-length black garment worn by priests or choristers.
Close-fitting ankle-length clergyman's garment.
A close-fitting ankle-length garment worn especially in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches by the clergy and by laypersons assisting in services.

2. frock


ETYM French froc a monk's cowl, coat, garment, Late Lat. frocus, froccus, flocus, floccus, from Latin floccus a flock of wool; hence orig., a flocky cloth or garment; cf. Latin flaccus flabby, Eng. flaccid.
1. A loose outer garment; especially, a gown forming a part of early modern clothing for women and children.
2. A coarse gown worn by monks or friars, and supposed to take the place of all, or nearly all, other garments.

3. soutane


ETYM French, from Spanish sotana, or Italian sottana, Late Lat. subtana, from Latin subtus below, beneath, from sub under.
A long cassock with buttons down the front; worn by Roman Catholic priests.
priest's cassock.
Roman Catholic priest's cassock.

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