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Prevod reči: makaze

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makaze [ N/A ]

Nožice, škare za sečenje platna, krojačka alatka;
Težak položaj, bezizlazna situacija, opasnost za dve strane istovremeno;
U fudbalu: šut prkeo glave uz istovremeni pad fudbalera;
U rvanju: zahvat ukrštenim rukama (tur.)
Alatka za sečenje, škare.

clip [ imenica ]
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A sharp slanting blow.
An article of jewelry that can be clipped onto a hat or dress.
Any of various small implements used to hold loose articles together.
The act of clipping or snipping; SYN. clipping, snip.

clipper [ imenica ]
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A fast ship used in former times; SYN. clipper ship.
For cutting hair or finger nails; SYN. clippers.
Shears for cutting grass or shrubbery; SYN. clippers.

clippers [ N/A ]
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cyssors [ N/A ]
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snip [ imenica ]
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A small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off); SYN. snippet, snipping.

pair of scissors [ imenica ]
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scissors [ N/A ]
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A cutting implement having two crossed pivoting blades; SYN. pair of scissors.
A wrestling hold in which one wraps one's legs around the opponent's body and put one's feet together and squeeze.

shear [ imenica ]
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ETYM as. sceara. Related to Shear.
(Homonym: sheer).
A machine that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it.
(Physics) A deformation of an object in which parallel planes remain parallel but are shifted in a direction parallel to themselves.

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