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lonac [ muški rod ]

billy [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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Chiefly Australian and New Zealand; a metal or enamelware pail or pot with a lid and wire bail — called also billycan.

casserole [ imenica ]
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ETYM French a saucepan, dim. from casse a basin.
Food cooked and served in a casserole.
Large deep dish in which food can be cooked and served.

chafer [ imenica {bube} ]
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Beetle of the family Scarabeidae. The adults eat foliage or flowers, and the underground larvae feed on roots, chiefly those of grasses and cereals, and can be very destructive. Examples are the cockchafer and the rose chafer Cetonia aurata, about 2 cm/0.8 in long and bright green.

chauffer [ imenica ]
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Small furnace; small portable stove.

cruse [ imenica ]
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ETYM Akin to LG. kruus, kroos, mug, jug, jar, Dutch kroes, German krause, Icel. krus, Swed. krus, Dan. kruus. Related to Crucible, Cresset.
Small; holds liquid (oil or water).
Small earthenware pot.

kettle [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. ketel.
A large hemispherical brass or copper drum with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it; SYN. kettledrum, tympanum, tympani, timpani.
A metal pot for stewing or boiling; usually has a lid; SYN. boiler.
The quantity a kettle will hold; SYN. kettleful.
Glacial geologic feature, formed when a block of stagnant ice from a receding glacier becomes isolated and buried in glacial outwash or drift before it finally melts. When the block disappears, it leaves a pit or depression called a kettle, in the drift. These depressions range from ft/5 m to 8 mi/km in diameter, and some exceed 1ft/m in depth.
As time passes, water sometimes fills the kettles to form lakes or swamps, features found throughout much of N North America. Lake Ronkonkoma, the largest lake on Long Island, New York, is an example.

pan [ imenica ]
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Shallow container made of metal. Wide metal vessel used in cooking.
A natural basin or depression in land; a similar artificial basin (as for evaporating brine)
A drifting fragment of the flat thin ice that forms in bays or along the shore
A harsh criticism
The process of panning a motion-picture or video camera
A shot in which the camera is panned
A betel leaf
A masticatory of betel nut, mineral lime, and pan

pot [ imenica ]
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ETYM Akin to lg. pott, Dutch pot, Dan. potte, Swed. potta, Icel. pottr, French pot; of unknown origin.
Metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid.
A container in which plants are cultivated; SYN. flowerpot.
The quantity contained in a pot; SYN. potful.
The cumulative stake in a game (such as poker); SYN. jackpot, kitty.
(Informal) Slang terms for a paunch; SYN. potbelly, bay window, corporation, tummy.

saucepan [ imenica ]
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A small pan; has a handle.

yetling [ imenica ]
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yettlin [ imenica ]
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