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Lisabon [ muški rod {geologija} ]

Glavni grad Portugalije.

Lisbon [ imenica {geologija} ]
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Capital and largest city and economic and cultural center of Portugal; a major port in western Portugal on Tagus River where it broadens and empties into the Atlantic; Also called: Lisboa, capital of Portugal.
City in Iowa (USA); zip code 52253.
City in North Dakota (USA).
Unincorporated community in New Hampshire (USA).
Village in Illinois (USA).
Village in Louisiana (USA); zip code 71048.
Village in Ohio (USA); zip code 44432.
(Portuguese Lisboa) City and capital of Portugal, in the SW of the country, on the tidal lake and estuary formed by the river Tagus; Industries include steel, textiles, chemicals, pottery, shipbuilding, and fishing. It has been the capital since 12and reached its peak of prosperity in the period of Portugal's empire during the 16th century. In 17an earthquake killed 60,0people and destroyed much of the city.

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