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1. aviate


To navigate the air (as in an airplane).

2. breeze


ETYM French bise cold wind.
To proceed quickly and easily.

3. fly


(Irregular preterit, past participle: flew, flown).
1. To travel through the air; be airborne; SYN. wing.
2. To travel over (an area of land or sea) in an aircraft.
3. To travel in an airplane.
4. To cause to fly or float.
5. To fly a plane; SYN. aviate, pilot.
6. To transport by airplane.
7. To pass away rapidly; SYN. fell, vanish.
8. To display in the air or cause to float:.
9. To be dissipated.
10. To change quickly from one emotional state to another.
11. To hit a fly, in baseball.
12. To move quickly or suddenly.

4. make wing


5. navigate


Sinonimi: pilot

1. To act as the navigator in a car, plane, or vessel; SYN. pilot.
2. To travel by boat, car, or plane.

6. wing


1. To fit with wings
2. To enable to fly or move swiftly
3. To traverse with or as if with wings
4. To effect or achieve by flying
5. To let fly; dispatch
6. To wound in the wing; disable the wing of
7. To wound (as with a bullet) without killing
8. To do or perform without preparation or guidelines; improvise
9. To go with or as if with wings; fly — often used with it

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