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letenje [ imenica ]

flight [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. fliht, flyht, a flying, from fleógan to fly; cf. flyht a fleeing, from fleón to flee, German flucht a fleeing, Swed. flykt, German flug a flying, Swed. flygt, Dutch vlugt a fleeing or flying, Dan. flugt. Related to Flee, Fly.
An instance of traveling by air; SYN. flying.
A scheduled trip by plane between designated airports.
A formation of aircraft in flight.
A set of steps between one floor or landing and the next; SYN. flight of stairs, flight of steps.
A unit of the US air force smaller than a squadron.
A flock of flying birds.
Passing above and beyond ordinary bounds.

flying [ imenica ]
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Travel by air
The operation of an aircraft or spacecraft

volation [ imenica ]
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Ability to fly.

volitation [ imenica ]
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Flying; flight.

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