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1. hover


Sinonimi: vacillate | linger

1. To be undecided about something; SYN. vacillate.
2. To hand in the air; fly or be suspended above.
3. To move to and fro; SYN. linger.

2. impend


ETYM Latin impendere; pref. im- in + pendere to weigh out, pay.
To be imminent or about to happen.

3. poise


Sinonimi: balance

1. To be motionless, in suspension
2. To cause to be balanced or suspended.
3. To hold or carry in equilibrium; SYN. balance.

4. sail


(Homonym: sale).
1. To travel by ship on (a body of water).
2. To travel in a boat propelled by wind.

5. soar


Sinonimi: soar up | soar upwards | surge | zoom

(Homonym: sore).
1. To fly upwards or high in the sky.
2. To go or move upward.
3. To rise rapidly, as of a current or voltage; SYN. soar up, soar upwards, surge, zoom.

6. suspend


Sinonimi: debar | set aside

1. To interrupt or discontinue
2. To bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.; SYN. debar.
3. To cause to be held in suspension in a fluid, of particles, in chemistry.
4. To hang freely
5. To make inoperative or stop; SYN. set aside.

7. waft


To blow gently.

8. whiff


1. To puff; to blow in small puffs.
2. To inhale a small breath.
to fish with hand line towed behind a boat

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