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muški rod

Posuda za umivanje. Umivaonik; perionica. (fr.)

1. basin


Sinonimi: trough | bowl | basinful

ETYM Old Fren. bacin, French bassin, Late Lat. bacchinus, from bacca a water vessel, from Latin bacca berry, in allusion to the round shape; or perh. from Celtic. Related to Bac.
1. A bowl-shaped vessel for holding liquids.
2. A concave shape with an open top; SYN. trough, bowl.
3. A natural depression in the surface of the land with a lake at the bottom of it.
4. The quantity that a basin will hold; SYN. basinful.

2. bason

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

3. wash-pot


4. wash-trough


5. washbowl


A basin, or bowl, to hold water for washing one's hands, face, etc.

6. washing-bowl


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