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kvačilo [ imenica {auto-moto} ]

Deo automobila, spojka.Spojka automobila, kuplung.

cleuk [ imenica ]
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cloke [ imenica ]
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clooch [ imenica ]
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clutch [ imenica {auto-moto} ]
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Any device for disconnecting rotating shafts, used especially in a car's transmission system. In an automobile with a manual gearbox, the driver depresses the clutch when changing gear, thus disconnecting the engine from the gearbox.
The clutch consists of two main plates, a pressure plate and a driven plate, which is mounted on a shaft leading to the gearbox. When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate presses the driven plate against the engine flywheel, and drive goes to the gearbox. Depressing the clutch springs the pressure plate away, freeing the driven plate. Automobiles with automatic transmission have no clutch. Drive is transmitted from the flywheel to the automatic gearbox by a liquid coupling or torque converter.

clutch pedal [ imenica ]
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coupling [ imenica ]
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A mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects; SYN. coupler.
The act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes; SYN. mating, pairing, conjugation, union, sexual union.

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