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kurir [ muški rod ]

Glasnik, skoroteča, ulak; službenik ili poverljiva osoba koje vlada ili poslanstvo šalju sa važnim vestima, aktima i sl. (zbog hitnosti i veće sigurnosti); pr. kuririski.

apparitor [ imenica ]
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Officer in court who attends to execute orders; harbinger.
Herald; harbinger; officer executing order of ecclesiastical court.

bellboy [ imenica ]
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Someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels; SYN. bellman, bellhop. bell-boy

bellhop [ imenica ]
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A hotel employee whose job consists of showing guests to their rooms and helping with their luggage. bell hop

chaprassi [ imenica ]
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chuprassy [ imenica ]
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copy boy [ imenica ]
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courier [ imenica ]
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ETYM French courrier, from courre, courir, to run, Latin currere. Related to Course, Current.
A person dispatched before another person or company, to give notice of his or their approach.
A messenger; one bearing papers or documents for delivery to another.

cursitor [ imenica ]
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dispatch rider [ imenica ]
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A messenger who carries military dispatches (usually on a motorcycle).

dispatcher rider [ imenica ]
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envoy [ imenica ]
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ETYM French envoyé envoy, from envoyer to send; pref. en- (Latin in) + voie way, Latin via: cf. French envoi an envoy. Related to Voyage, Invoice.
A brief stanza concluding certain forms of poetry; SYN. envoi.
A diplomat having less authority than an ambassador; SYN. envoy extraordinary, minister plenipotentiary.

messenger [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. messager, Old Fren. messagier, French messager. Related to Message.
A person who carries a message; SYN. courier.

nuncio [ imenica ]
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ETYM Italian nunzio, nuncio, from Latin nuncius, nuntius, messenger; perh. akin to novus new, Eng. new, and thus, one who brings news. (Roman Catholic) A diplomatic representative of the Pope having ambassadorial status.
Related to Announce.
One who brings tidings; high-ranking papal legate.
Papal envoy. Diplomatic representative of the pope, from the 16th century, performing the functions of a papal ambassador.

orderly [ imenica ]
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A male hospital attendant who has general non-medical duties; SYN. hospital attendant.
A soldier who serves as an attendant to a superior officer

runner [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Run.
Someone who travels on foot by running.
A trained athlete who competes in foot races.
The rails or glides on which something can move along, usually over snow or ice.
A person who is employed to deliver messages or documents.

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