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Kuran [ muški rod ]

Muslimansko sveto pismo, osnova muslimanskog učenja o veri i društvu. (ar.)

Alcoran [ imenica ]
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Alcoranic [ imenica ]
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Alcoranish [ imenica ]
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Alkoran [ imenica ]
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Alkoranic [ imenica ]
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Koran [ imenica {N/A} ]
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Sacred writings of Islam; Also called: Quran.
holy scriptures of Islam.
(alternatively transliterated as Quran) The sacred book of Islam, written in Arabic. It is said to have been divinely revealed through the angel Gabriel, or Jibra’el, to the prophet Mohammed between about AD 6and 63The Koran is the prime source of all Islamic ethical and legal doctrines.
The Koran is divided into 1suras (chapters), some very long, others consisting of only a few words. It includes many events also described in the Hebrew Bible but narrated from a different viewpoint. Other issues are also discussed, giving injunctions relevant to situations that needed alteration or clarification and addressing problems that the Muslims faced at the time it was written.
It is a prescription of Islam that every believer should learn at least verses by heart. The text itself is regarded as divine, and Islamic law forbids touching the book without ritual cleansing.

Quran [ imenica ]
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Alternative transliteration of Koran, the sacred book of Islam.

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