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kupola [ ženski rod ]

U obliku polulopte ili drugog rotacionog tela izveden svod, naročito na monumentalnim građevinama, kube. (ital.)

dome [ imenica {arheologija} ]
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In architecture, roof form which is usually hemispherical and constructed over a circular, square, or octagonal space in a building. A feature of Islamic and Roman architecture, the dome was revived during the Renaissance.
The dome first appears in Assyrian architecture, later becoming a feature of Islamic mosques (after the notable example in the Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul AD 532–2and Roman ceremonial buildings: the Pantheon in Rome, about AD 11is 43.5 m/1ft in diameter. Rediscovered during the Renaissance, the dome features prominently in Brunelleschi's Florence Cathedral 1420–3Bramante's Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio, Rome, 1502–1and St Peter's, Rome, 1588–9by Giacomo della Porta (about 1537–1602). Other notable examples are St Paul's, London, 1675–171by Christopher Wren, and the Panthéon, Paris, 1757–9by Jacques Soufflot 1713–8In the 20th century Buckminster Fuller has developed the geodesic dome (a type of space-frame).

cupola [ imenica {arheologija} ]
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ETYM Italian cupola, Late Lat. cupula, cuppula (cf. Latin cupula little tub). from cupa, cuppa, cup; cf. Latin cupa tub. So called on account of its resemblance to a cup turned over. Related to Cup, Cupule.
A roof in the form of a dome.
A vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron for casting.
Spherical vault or concave ceiling; dome, especially small.

dome-light [ imenica ]
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