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muški rod

Polumesec, red kuća u obliku polumeseca.

1. crescent


ETYM Old Eng. cressent, cressaunt, crescent, Old Fren. creissant increasing, French croissant, p. pr. of croître, Old Fren. creistre, from Latin crescere to increase, v. incho.; akin to creare to create. Related to Create, Accrue, Increase, Crescendo.
Any shape resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarters.
Curved shape of the Moon when it appears less than half illuminated. It also refers to any object or symbol resembling the crescent Moon. Often associated with Islam, it was first used by the Turks on their standards after the capture of Constantinople 1453, and appears on the flags of many Muslim countries. The Red Crescent is the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross.

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