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Prevod reči: kratak

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kratak [ pridev ]

bobby [ imenica {sleng, dijalekt} ]
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An informal term for a British policeman.

brief [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. bref, French brief, bref, from Latin brevis.
Concise and succinct.
Of short duration; SYN. little.
In law, the written instructions sent by a solicitor to a barrister before a court hearing.

compendious [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin compendiosus.
Briefly giving the gist of something; SYN. compact, succinct, summary.
Concise but comprehensive.

concise [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin concisus cut off, short, p. p. of concidere to cut to pieces; con- + caedere to cut; perh. akin to scindere to cleave, and to Eng. shed, v. t.; cf. French concis.
Expressing much in few words.

curt [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin curtus; cf. Skr. kart to cut. Related to Curtail.
Characterized by excessive brevity; short; rudely concise.

dubby [ pridev ]
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laconic [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin Laconicus Laconian, Greek, a Laconian, Lacedaemonian, or Spartan: cf. French laconique.
Brief; briefly stated, often to the point of being unclear.
Curt; in few words; unemotional.

short [ pridev ]
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Low in stature; not tall
Primarily spatial sense; having little length or lacking in length
Most direct; SYN. shortest.
(Prosody) Used of syllables that are unaccented or of relatively brief duration.
(Phonetics) Of speech sounds (especially vowels) of relatively short duration (as e.g. the English vowel sounds in 'pat', 'pet', 'pit', 'pot', putt').
(Of memory) Deficient in retentiveness or range
Primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration
(Finance) Not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices
Unwilling to endure; SYN. unforbearing.
1Lacking foresight or scope; SYN. shortsighted, unforesightful.
1Containing a large amount of shortening; therefore tender and easy to crumble or break into flakes

small [ pridev ]
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(Archaic) Slight or limited; especially in degree or intensity or scope
Have fine or very small constituent particles
Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent; SYN. little.

succinct [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin succinctus, p. p. of succingere to gird below or from below, to tuck up; sub + cingere to gird. Related to Cincture.
Precise; compressed into few words.
Tending to produce concise statements.
Concise; curt.

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