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konkurentnost [ ženski rod ]

Uporednost, istovremenost.

competitiveness [ imenica ]
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An aggressive willingness to compete; SYN. fight.
The extent to which a producer is able to sell products in a market where other producers are selling similar products. For example, it can be argued that the UK manufacturing industry has lost competitiveness to Japanese and German rivals because UK prices have been too high and the products are not of such good quality.

competitivity [ imenica ]
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concurrency [ imenica ]
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The term concurrency control refers to sharing resources among multiple users simultaneously.

contention [ imenica ]
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ETYM French contention, Latin contentio. Related to Contend.
A point asserted as part of an argument.
A method of line control in which terminals compete with each other for permission to transmit over a common channel. If the channel is free, the terminal transmits. If the channel is in use by another terminal, the terminal attempting to transmit waits until the channel is free.
Quarrel; strife; opinion; belief.

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