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konkurent [ muški rod ]

Suparnik, takmac, takmičar, nadmetač. (lat.)

competitor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin: cf. French compétiteur.
One who seeks what another seeks, or claims what another claims; one who competes; a rival.
A contestant (as in sports), or an adversary.

opponent [ imenica ]
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One who opposes; an adversary; an antagonist; an enemy.
One who opposes in a dispute, argument, or other verbal controversy.

rival [ imenica ]
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ETYM French rival (cf. Italian rivale), Latin rivales two neigbors having the same brook in common, rivals, from rivalis belonging to a brook, from rivus a brook. Related to Rivulet, Rete.
The contestant one hopes to defeat; SYN. challenger, competitor, competition, contender.

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