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komora [ ženski rod ]

Svod; odaja na svod, soba; anat. duplja u nekim organima tela (moždana, srčana, očna, grkljanska komora); opt. mračna komora v. kamera opskura; up. kamera. (grč.)

cabinet organ [ imenica ]
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chamber [ imenica ]
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ETYM French chambre, from Latin camera vault, arched roof, in Late Lat. chamber, from Greek kamara anything with a vaulted roof or arched covering; cf. Skr. kmar to be crooked. Related to Camber, Camera, Comrade.
A deliberative or legislative or administrative or judicial assembly.
A natural or artificial enclosed space.
A room where a judge transacts business.
An enclosed volume (as the aqueous chamber of the eyeball or the chambers of the heart).

cylinder [ imenica ]
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ETYM French cylindre, Old Fren. cilindre, Latin cylindrus, from Greek kylindros, from kylindein, kyliein, to roll. Related to Calender the machine.
A long, rounded chamber.
A surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line.
A cylindrical container for oxygen or compressed air.
A chamber in which a piston moves (as in a combustion engine); SYN. piston chamber.

courtyard [ imenica ]
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A court or inclosure attached to a house. court yard

frontcourt [ imenica ]
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A basketball team's offensive half of the court
The positions of the forwards and center on a basketball team; also; the forwards and center themselves SYN. front court

small room [ imenica ]
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