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kolorit [ muški rod ]

Veština bojenja, veština davanja i upotrebe boja; prirodan sjaj boje; mesna, lokalna boja; način izlaganja nekog pisca ili pesnika; muz. način instrumentacije kompozitora. (lat)

color [ imenica ]
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ETYM Written also colour.
A visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect; SYN. colour, coloring, colouring.
Interest and variety and intensity; SYN. colour, vividness.
The timbre of a musical sound; SYN. colour.
A race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks); SYN. colour, people of color, people of colour.

coloring [ imenica ]
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(Alternate spelling: colouring).
A digestible substance used to give color to food; SYN. colouring, food coloring, food colouring, food color, food colour.
The act of of process of changing the color of something; SYN. colouring.
Food additive used to alter or improve the color of processed foods. Colorings include artificial colors, such as tartrazine and amaranth, which are made from petrochemicals, and the “natural” colors such as chlorophyll, caramel, and carotene. Some of the natural colors are actually synthetic copies of the naturally occurring substances, and some of these, notably the synthetically produced caramels, may be injurious to health.

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