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koks [ muški rod ]

Materijal za gorivo koji se dobiva suvom destilacijom kamenog uglja, lakši ali čvršći i bolji od njega.
Visokokalorično čvrsto gorivo, dobijeno suvom destilacijom kamenog uglja, treseta i drugih organskih materija (eng.)

charcoal [ imenica ]
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A carbonaceous material obtained by burning wood or other organic matter in the absence of air; SYN. wood coal.
A drawing made with charcoal.
A stick of black carbon material used for drawing; SYN. fusain.
A very dark gray color; SYN. charcoal gray, charcoal grey, oxford gray, oxford grey.
Black, porous form of carbon, produced by heating wood or other organic materials in the absence of air. It is used as a fuel in the smelting of metals such as copper and zinc, and by artists for making black line drawings. Activated charcoal has been powdered and dried so that it presents a much increased surface area for adsorption; it is used for filtering and purifying liquids and gases—for example, in drinking-water filters and gas masks.
Charcoal was traditionally produced by burning dried wood in a kiln, a process lasting several days. The kiln was either a simple hole in the ground, or an earth-covered mound. Today kilns are of brick or iron, both of which allow the waste gases to be collected and used. Charcoal had many uses in earlier centuries. Because of the high temperature at which it burns (2,012şF/1,100şC), it was used in furnaces and blast furnaces before the development of coke. It was also used in an industrial process for obtaining ethanoic acid (acetic acid), in producing wood tar and wood pitch, and (when produced from alder or willow trees) as a component of gunpowder.

coke [ imenica ]
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ETYM Perh. akin to cake, n .
Produced by distillation of coal. Clean, light fuel produced when coal is strongly heated in an airtight oven. Coke contains 9carbon and makes a useful domestic and industrial fuel (used, for example in the iron and steel industries and in the production of town gas).
The process was patented in England 162but it was only in 17that Abraham Darby devised a commercial method of production.

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