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Prevod reči: koeficijenat

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koeficijenat [ muški rod {matematika} ]

Stalna ili poznata veličina koja je množitelj promenljive ili nepoznate veličine; sačinitelj, sačinilac (lat.)

coefficient [ imenica {matematika} ]
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Mathematics, quantitative expression of some characteristic; number by which a variable is multiplied.
The number part in front of an algebraic term, signifying multiplication. For example, in the expression 4x2 + 2xy - x, the coefficient of x2 is 4 (because 4x2 means 4 x x2), that of xy is and that of x is -1 (because -1 x x = -x).
In general algebraic expressions, coefficients are represented by letters that may stand for numbers; for example, in the equation ax2 + bx + c = a, b, and c are coefficients, which can take any number.
A constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic.

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