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ženski rod

Papuča sa debelim drvenim đonom.

1. clodhopper


1. A clumsy and uncouth rustic
2. A large heavy work shoe or boot

2. clog


Sinonimi: geta | patten | sabot

ETYM Old Eng. clogge clog, Scot. clag, a clot, to to obstruct, cover with mud or anything adhesive; prob. of the same origin as Eng. clay.
1. Any object that acts as a hindrance or obstruction.
2. Footwear usually with wooden soles; SYN. geta, patten, sabot.

3. patten


Wooden shoe; clog; base of a pillar; for raising foot above wet.
A clog, sandal, or overshoe often with a wooden sole or metal device to elevate the foot and increase the wearer's height or aid in walking in mud

4. sabot


Attachment to guide projectile through bore of firearmwooden shoe; clog
Wooden shoe; clog.

5. wooden shoe