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kimono [ muški rod {odevanje} ]

Japanska nacionalna dugačka haljina (muška i ženska) sa širokim rukavima i širokim pojasom oko struka (jap.)
Muška i ženska gornja haljina kod Japanaca sa širokim rukavima (prenesena i u Evropu).

kimono [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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A loose robe; imitated from robes originally worn by Japanese.
Traditional Japanese costume. Worn in the Heian period (more than 1,0years ago), it is still used by women for formal wear and informally by men.
For the finest kimonos a rectangular piece of silk (about m/ft x 0.5 m/1.5 ft) is cut into seven pieces for tailoring. The design (which must match perfectly over the seams and for which flowers are the usual motif) is then painted by hand, using various processes, and may be enhanced by embroidery or gilding. The accompanying obi, or sash, about 4 m/ft x cm/4 in for men and wider for women, is also embroidered.

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