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kastriranje [ imenica ]

Glagolska imenica od kastrirati.

castration [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin castratio; cf. French castration.
Removal of the sex glands (either ovaries or testes). Male domestic animals may be castrated to prevent reproduction, to make them larger or more docile, or to eradicate disease.
Castration of humans was used in ancient and medieval times and occasionally later to preserve the treble voice of boy singers or, by Muslims, to provide eunuchs, trustworthy harem guards. If done in childhood, it inhibits sexual development: for instance, the voice remains high, and growth of hair on the face and body is reduced, owing to the absence of the hormones normally secreted by the testes.
Male domestic animals, especially stallions and bovine bulls, are castrated to prevent undesirable sires from reproducing, to moderate their aggressive disposition and, for bulls, to improve their value as beef cattle (castrated bovines are called steer). Roosters are castrated (capons) to improve their flavor and increase their size. The effects of castration can also be achieved by chemical means, by administration of hormones, in humans and animals. If done in adulthood, sexual function may be retained (although infertile) as well as masculine features already established.
Neutering a male animal by removing the testicles; SYN. emasculation.
Surgical removal of the testes or ovaries (usually to inhibit hormone secretion in cases of breast cancer in women or prostate cancer in men).

emasculation [ imenica ]
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The act of depriving of virility, or the state of being so deprived; castration.
The act of depriving, or state of being deprived, of vigor or strength; unmanly weakness.

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