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kapital [ muški rod ]

Vrednost koja se određenim kretanjem oplođava, uvećava viškom vrednosti. Opšti obrazac je N-P-N1 (gde znači: N predujmljenu vrednosti, P određenu vrstu robe, N1 oplođeni kapital), Kretanje obuhvata: I faza . promet, kupovinu elemenata proizvodnje, predujam kapitala u radnu snagu i sredstva za proizvodnju; II faza - proizvodnju, trošenje elemenata proizvodnje pir čemu radna snaga stvara višak vrednosti; III faza - promet, realizaciju oplođenog kapitala.
Kapital, glavno delo Karla Mrksa.
prav. Zločin koji povlači smrtnu kaznu.
Glavni grad, prestonica. (lat.)

bankroll [ imenica ]
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A roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.); SYN. roll.

capital [ imenica {finansije} ]
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In economics, the stock of goods used in the production of other goods. Financial capital is accumulated or inherited wealth held in the form of assets, such as stocks and shares, property, and bank deposits.
Fixed capital is durable, examples being factories, offices, plant, and machinery. Circulating capital is capital that is used up quickly, such as raw materials, components, and stocks of finished goods waiting for sale. Private capital is usually owned by individuals and private business organizations. Social capital is usually owned by the state and is the infrastructure of the economy, such as roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. Investment is the process of adding to the capital stock of a nation or business.
Assets available for use in the production of further assets; SYN. working capital.
The material wealth owned by a person or a business.

corpus [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Latin.
(Irregular plural: corpora).
A collection of writings.
The main part of an organ or other bodily structure.
Body, especially of written works on a certain subject; all of texts gathered for linguistic research. corpus delicti, basic fact necessary to prove crime to have been committed; erroneously, body of murdered person. corpus juris, body of laws of a state. corpus luteum, mass of tissue formed after release of an egg in mammals. corpus vile, worthless thing.

equities [ N/A {finansije} ]
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fund [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. font, fond, nom. fonz, bottom, ground, French fond bottom, foundation, fonds fund, from Latin fundus bottom, ground, foundation, piece of land. Related to Found to establish.
A reserve of money set aside for some purpose; SYN. monetary fund.

investment fund [ imenica ]
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