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izolator [ muški rod ]

Telo koje ne provodi ili koje rđavo provodi elektricitet, neprovodnik elektriciteta, npr. staklo, porcelan, smola, crveni vosak, ebonit, ćilibar (up. dielektrikum);
Svaka stvar koja ne provodi ili koja rđavo sprovodi toplotu, zvuk. (ital.)

insulator [ imenica ]
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Any material that is a very poor conductor of electricity, such as rubber, glass, or ceramic. Also called: nonconductor. Compare conductor, semiconductor.
A device used to separate elements of electrical circuits and prevent current from taking unwanted paths, such as the stacks of ceramic disks that suspend high-voltage power lines from transmission towers.
A material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity; SYN. dielectric, nonconductor.
Material through which the flow of electrical charge carriers or heat is greatly reduced.
Any poor conductor of heat, sound, or electricity. Most substances lacking free (mobile) electrons, such as non-metals, are electrical or thermal insulators. Usually, devices of glass or porcelain, called insulators, are used for insulating and supporting overhead wires.

nonconductor [ imenica ]
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See insulator. non-conductor
A substance that conducts heat, electricity, or sound only in very small degree

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