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1. debilitate


To impair the strength of; to weaken; to enfeeble.

2. drain


Sinonimi: sap | run out | flow away | flow off

1. To use up (said of resources); SYN. sap.
2. To empty of liquid; drain the liquid from.
3. To flow off gradually; SYN. run out.
4. To flow off or away gradually; SYN. flow away, flow off.

3. emasculate


Sinonimi: castrate | demasculinize

1. To deprive of strength or vigor.
2. To remove the testicles of a male animal; SYN. castrate, demasculinize.
3. Castrate; weaken; deprive of vigor; render inoffensive.

4. enfeeble


Sinonimi: debilitate | drain

To make weak; SYN. debilitate, drain.

5. exhaust


Sinonimi: beat | tucker | tucker out

1. To use up the whole supply of.
2. To wear out completely; SYN. beat, tucker, tucker out.

6. starve


Sinonimi: hunger

1. To be hungry; go without food; SYN. hunger.
2. To deprive of food.
3. To die of food deprivation.

7. wear


(Homonym: ware, where).
(Irregular preterit, past participle: wore, worn).
1. To be dressed in; SYN. have on.
2. To deteriorate through use or stress; SYN. wear off, wear out, wear thin.
3. To have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality.
4. To have on one's person; SYN. bear.
5. To have or show an appearance of.
6. To last and be usable; SYN. hold out, endure.
7. To put clothing on one's body; SYN. put on, get into, don, assume.
To turn a ship's stern to windward to alter its course.

8. wear out


1. To consume, or render useless, by attrition or decay
2. To waste the strength of; as, an old man worn out in military service.

9. zonk out


To fall asleep fast, as when one is extremely tired.

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