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muški rod


1. excursion


Sinonimi: jaunt | outing | junket | pleasure trip | expedition | sashay

A journey taken for pleasure; SYN. jaunt, outing, junket, pleasure trip, expedition, sashay.

2. jaunt


A short excursion for pleasure or refreshment; a ramble; a short journey.

3. junket


ETYM Formerly also juncate, from Italian giuncata cream cheese, made in a wicker or rush basket, from Latin juncus a rush. Related to Junk, Juncate.
Sweetened milk coagulated with rennet.

4. out


A failure to get on base safely in baseball

5. outing


1. The act of going out; an excursion
2. The practice of exposing a secret about a person against that person's will, especially that of revealing a homosexual's sexual orientation.

6. picnic


ETYM Cf. French piquenique. Related to Pick, Knickknack.
Any informal meal eaten outside or on an excursion.

7. ramble


1. A leisurely excursion for pleasure; especially; an aimless walk
2. A rambling story or discussion

8. sally


Sinonimi: sallying forth

ETYM French saillie, from saillir. Related to Sally.
A venture off the beaten path; SYN. sallying forth.

9. tour


Sinonimi: circuit

An extended journey; SYN. circuit.

10. trip


Sinonimi: voyage | journey | travel | travels | hike | stumble | misstep

1. A journey for some purpose (usually including the return); SYN. voyage, journey, travel, travels, hike.
2. A light or nimble tread
3. A hallucinatory experience induced by drugs
4. An unintentional but embarrassing blunder; SYN. stumble, misstep.

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