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Prevod reči: izlaziti

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izlaziti [ glagol ]

arise [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: arose, arisen).
To occur; SYN. come up.
To originate or come into being; SYN. come up, bob up.
To rise to one's feet; SYN. rise, get up, stand up.

come out [ glagol ]
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1 To come into public view; make a public appearance
To become evident
To declare oneself especially in public utterance
To turn out in an outcome; end up
To make a debut
To openly declare one's homosexuality
To openly declare something about oneself previously kept hidden — often used with as
When information becomes known to the public, it comes out.
To come forth or out; SYN. pop out.
1When flowers or leaves start to grow, they come out.
1When clouds move and the sun becomes visible, it comes out.
1When people with authority and influence come out for or come out in favor of people or things, they publicly announce support for them. When people with authority and influence come out against people or things, they publicly announce opposition to them.

overlook [ glagol ]
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To look past, fail to notice.
To watch over.
Superintend, oversee
To look on with the evil eye; bewitch

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