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Prevod reči: izazov

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izazov [ muški rod ]

Izazivanje, čikanje, provokacija.

challenge [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. chalenge claim, accusation, challenge, Old Fren. chalenge, chalonge, claim, accusation, contest, from Latin calumnia false accusation, chicanery. Related to Calumny.
A call to engage in a contest or fight.
A demand by a sentry for a password or identification.
A demanding or stimulating situation.
A formal objection to the selection of a particular person as a juror.
Questioning a statement and demanding an explanation.

dare [ imenica ]
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A challenge to do something dangerous or foolhardy; SYN. daring.

defial [ imenica ]
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defiance [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. defiance, desfiance, challenge, from desfier to challenge, French défier. Related to Defy.
A defiant act.
A hostile challenge.
Intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude; SYN. rebelliousness.

gage [ imenica ]
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(Homonym: gauge).
An obligation or pledge. Token of defiance or challenge; thing deposited as pledge of performance.

provocation [ imenica ]
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ETYM French provocation, Latin provocatio. Related to Provoke.
Needed encouragement; SYN. incitement.
In law, the partial defense that the accused carried out a murder in the heat of anger after being provoked to lose their self-control. Such a defense, if successful, reduces the charge in English law to manslaughter. However, the defense has been criticized as an acceptance of male violence (since the provoked is usually male) and also as justifying an outmoded desire for retaliation that is inappropriate in modern society.

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