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Prevod reči: isceznuti

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isčeznuti [ glagol ]

disappear [ glagol ]
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To get lost, esp. without warning or explanation; SYN. vanish, go away.

iščeznuti [ glagol ]


abscond [ glagol ]
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To run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along; SYN. bolt, absquatulate, decamp, run off, go off.

bunk [ glagol ]
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To provide with a bunk.

die [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: dye).
To pass from physical life and lose all all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life; SYN. decease, perish, go, exit, pass away, expire.
To disappear or come to an end.
To be brought to or as if to the point of death by an intense emotion such as embarrassment, amusement, or shame.
To suffer spiritual death; be damned (in the religious sense).
To suffer or face the pain of death.
To feel indifferent towards.
To languish as with love or desire.
To lose sparkle or bouquet, as of wine or beer; 'pall' is an obsolete word; SYN. pall, become flat.
To be on base at the end of an inning, of a baseball player.
1To cut or shape with a die; SYN. die out.

die out [ glagol ]
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To become extinct; SYN. die off.

dwindle [ glagol ]
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To become smaller or lose substance; SYN. dwindle away, dwindle down.

evanesce [ glagol ]
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To disappear gradually; as of emotions, for example; SYN. fade, blow over, pass off, fleet, pass.
To fade away; vanish.

perish [ glagol ]
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To be destroyed; to pass away; to become nothing; to be lost; to die.
To wither; to waste away.

vanish [ glagol ]
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To become invisible or unnoticeable; SYN. disappear, go away.
To cease to exist; SYN. disappear.
To decrease rapidly, as of money; SYN. fly.

wear off [ glagol ]
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To diminish or remove by attrition or slow decay; as, to wear off the nap of cloth.
To pass away by degrees.
When the surface of something is gradually removed by friction or exposure to the elements so that what is beneath the surface is exposed, the surface wears off.
When the effects of drugs or alcohol gradually go away, they wear off.
When an emotional feeling gradually goes away, it wears off.

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