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Intermeco (lat.)

1. interlude


Sinonimi: intermezzo | entr'acte

ETYM Old Eng. enterlude, Late Lat. interludium; Late Lat. inter between + ludus play, from ludere to play: cf. French interlude. Related to Ludicrous.
1. A brief show (music or dance etc) performed between the sections of another performance; SYN. intermezzo, entr'acte.
2. An intervening period or episode.
Piece or passage of music played between two other works or sections. This may occur between scenes of an opera, for example, as in Britten’s Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes 1945. In the 18th century, interludes were played between the verses of a hymn or psalm. In the latter case, the organist often improvised passages and so there are few remaining printed examples. Exceptions include certain organ chorales, such as Bach’s In dulci jubilo.

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