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Prevod reči: infinitiv

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infinitiv [ muški rod {lingvistika} ]

Neodređeni glagolski oblik, neodređeni način, npr. ići, jesti, živeti, stajati.

infinitive [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin infinitivus: cf. French infinitif. Related to Infinite.
The uninflected form of the verb.
In grammar, the basic form of a verb, the form by which verbs are identified: “to be”, “to hit”, “to love”, and so on. The infinitive form of the verb in English is always preceded by to.
The infinitive can be either the subject of a sentence (“To win is my aim”) or the object (“I want to win”). But the main verb of the sentence must be finite.
The practice of splitting an infinitive (“to boldly go”) is frowned on by many people, but there are occasions when it may be the best solution (“a chance to really relax”; “the purpose of the training is to better equip those who failed”).

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