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1. Kod Grka: pesma pohvalnica, pohvalna pesma u čast bogova i heroja, prvobitno epska, docnije više lirska;
2. Danas: svečana lirska pesma, slavopojka;
3. Kod katolika: crkvena pesma u duhu i po obliku psalama Davidovih.

1. anthem


ETYM Old Eng. antym, antefne, AS. antefen, from Late Lat. antiphona, from Greek antiphona, neut. pl. of antiphonon antiphon, or anthem.
1. A song in honor of a nation or people.
2. Any song or hymn of praise.
In music, a short, usually elaborate, religious choral composition, sometimes accompanied by the organ; also a song of loyalty and devotion.

2. carol


Sinonimi: Christmas carol

(Homonym: carrel).
Joyful religious song, usually celebrating the birth of Christ; SYN. Christmas carol.
Song that in medieval times was associated with a round dance; today carols are associated with festivals such as Christmas and Easter.
Christmas carols were common as early as the 15th century. The custom of singing carols from house to house, collecting gifts, was called wassailing. Many carols, such as ‘God Rest You Merry Gentlemen’ and ‘The First Noel’, date from the 16th century or earlier.

3. hymn


Sinonimi: anthem

ETYM Old Eng. hympne, hympne, French hymne, Old Fren. also hymne, Latin hymnus, Greek.
(Homonym: him).
A song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation); SYN. anthem.
Song in praise of a deity. Examples include Ikhnaton’s hymn to the Aton in ancient Egypt, the ancient Greek Orphic hymns, Old Testament psalms, extracts from the New Testament (such as the “Ave Maria”), and hymns by the British writers John Bunyan (“Who would true valor see”) and Charles Wesley (“Hark! the herald angels sing”). The earliest sources of modern hymn melodies can be traced to the 11th and 12th centuries, and the earliest polyphonic settings date from the late 14th century. Gospel music and carols are forms of Christian hymn singing.

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